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We build powerful websites.

Over the last 10 years, we had the privilege of making many websites that have been the pinnacle to their owners. Our designs are beautiful, heartfelt and unique. Before you commit to any pricing, we invite you to learn about our philosophy and view our design aesthetic.

Meet Jonathan & Nicole East

Owners of Portland Creative
We are so happy you are here! We have a passion for businesses and creativity and we like to share it. Together we create beautiful things.
Jonathan is a writer and detail-oriented. Nicole is an artist, photographer and creative connoisseur. Nicole has been building websites professionally since 2005 and as a hobby since the days of Netscape and Angelfire! Nicole has a background in e-commerce development and design. Together we've been students, teachers and business owners. 

When we are not working, we love to explore Northern Oregon. From cityscapes of Portland to the waterfalls of Multnomah. We're crazy about lavender!

We can't wait to hear your story- let's talk soon!

our philosophy

Beauty & Brains

Our philosophy is that a website is not complete without two equal roles: beauty and functionality. Beauty means it charms the socks off your guests, and functionality is a superior platform for you to work on daily.


Beauty is visual fluidity that tells your business's unique story. This is how guest form an attachment to your business. Remember what they say about first impressions? A website that is the face of your business is worth it's investment. Beauty is the charm that incites interaction with your business and establishes trust in your brand. We take beauty a step further with innovation to ensure your website will make a lasting impression.


Functionality is the end worth of your website. They say true beauty is what is beneath the surface. It's fun to manage your page content with our visual editor. Our websites work in all popular browsers and devices.  Your workflow is neatly organized to manage accounting, communication, reports & statistics, and streamline your workload. 

view our portfolio

a taste of what we offer...

Photo Magic
Market Lane
Hidden River
c.l. photography
photo magic
Market Lane
minimal. timeless. chic.
“I am over-the-moon with my new website! Nicole is incredibly easy to work with and beyond talented. Her work exceeded my expectations and she completely brought my vision to life. Thanks so much, Nicole!"
- Karol  
Hidden River Roasters

modern. minimalist. professional.

“We have been looking for a web artist to dream up something special for a while. When I met Nicole, I knew we got lucky because she was sincere and she has a unique and versatile style. Our website is everything (and more) that I wanted."
- Debbie 
Sunshower Photography

minimalist. creative. classic.

“Nicole is so talented. She understood my vision and made it come to life beautifully! This experience went above and beyond my expectations. If you are on the fence to invest in a website, do it!"
- Amy 
Caroline Logan Photography

light. airy. classic.

“Man, you are good! Nicole made sense of the mess of ideas I had and took off running. This process was so easy and exciting for me! You have a client for life in me."
- Caroline 
Garnish Boutique

Clean. Elegant. Timeless.

“I wish I would have found Nicole sooner! I struggled to grow online. Since the release of my website, my profits have tripled! I finally have found my sweet spot and I owe it all to you! Thank you so much."
- Isabelle Ansel 
Clients We Have Worked With...
event planners
interior designers
fitness experts
child care
... and more!

the investment

powerful web design + custom photography/video

Web Portfolio
establish an online identity
+ complete website with:
     - blog & galleries
     - stock photos & videos
     - social media INTEGRATION
+ logo design
+ hosting & domain name **
** Hosting $20 per month.
** Domain Name $15 per year.
Web Store
sell products & services
everything in portfolio package

+ credit card processing
and more... free with hosting!
+ Unlimited Products
+ inventory management
+ 2 hrs online sales consulting 
The Essentials

addon package
+ social media setup, design &  optimization
+ 500 business cards
+ 2-week seo package
     - Keywords and meta tags
     - submit sitemap to all major 
       search engines
     - page optimization

The process

the design process of a new you

Gather Information
After we book your project, we will meet and discuss your vision over coffee. If you are not local, we will prepare a voice call. During this time, we gather information about your story for your website, your goals and needs by filling out a thoughtful questionnaire we designed for you. We like to think of this as time for you to get to know each other.
design proposal
We will use the provided information to create a Design Proposal. This Proposal is a starting point for your new design, and it will include visual inspiration, a recommended color palette, typography selections and a brief explanation of the design choices presented to you. After you approve the Design Proposal, we will move forward with three logo concepts to choose from. We will revise together until you are happy with your new identity.
design process
If you are local to Portland, we will schedule a photo/video session to take pictures of elements you want to share with your guests.

Using your new logo and photos, we will create a rough draft of our vision for your website. You can use this draft to change recommendations and make your own visions clearer.   
After you are happy with the revisions to the website draft, we will convert it to a real website! This process can take a couple of weeks. When we finish, we will grant you exclusive access to login and get acquainted with your new home. When you are ready to make your website live to guests, we will give it a final review to ensure it is nothing short of perfection and then make it live for guests! All digital files are delivered to you in this final stage, including the photography session.

For 30 days after your website has gone live we provide free support for any questions you have. We provide free training to help jump-start you into the liberty of managing your own website, no coding is required by you. We will show you how fun and easy our page builder software is to use. You will be confident and excited with the results.
Questions + Answers

How long does the design process take?

Each Custom Design Experience will be different, but on average you can expect the following:

Web Portfolio: 2-4 Weeks
Web Store: 4-6 Weeks
Web Design & Essentials: 6-8 Weeks

Your prompt feedback and communication will be very important during this process, and we will strive to complete your project in a timely manner.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer 2-month payment plans for Web Portfolios ($1350/mo). Web Store has a 3-month payment plan ($1200/month).

What website platform do you use?

We use WordPress platform with a custom click-and-drop plugin that lets you edit your pages in a live view. You never need to use coding. It is funner and easier to use than the classic page editor in Wordpress.

What kind of support will I receive?

The Portland Creative Support Team is unreal. They are ready to help at a moment's notice. You can live chat with them during normal business hours and send in support tickets 24/7. They are prompt, genius, and downright awesome people.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

Are websites are the best in the industry for SEO. Out of the box, your website will have basic SEO needs met and we have a package (The Essentials) if you would like us to utilize it's full SEO capabilities. You can also easily manage your own SEO. Wordpress is one of the leaders in SEO quality platforms and has been one of the oldest! You will have more options to manage your SEO setting than most other platforms with free apps designed for Wordpress..

Will I need to hire you to make changes?

The beauty of the websites we design is that you never need to hire us to make changes. You can easily change out images, change text, add new pages and expand your needs with thousands of free apps! You never have to dig through code indexes or worry about messing up your website from a novice error. We provide you the training to feel confident to manage your own website and are here for quick support.

Are there other fees I might have to pay?

You can expect to pay $20 every month for hosting, and $15 per year for your domain name. If you currently have a website, you will be use to this already. This rate includes a payment gateway (web stores) and PCI compliance for online sales.. If you have a online store you are unhappy with, you may be delighted to know this is much cheaper than you are use to! We handle all your billing. We keep our rates low so your beautiful website is not impacted if you have slow months. We do not surprise you with any hidden fees.

Where are your servers located and what is the up-time?

We higher a secure, third-party corporation to manage our personal servers. These professionals have their own insurance and network engineers that work hourly to monitor our servers for security. They provide us with 24/7 live support. They have data centers in Portland, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. Our servers have a 99.9% up-time!

Will my site work on mobile devices?

Our websites are carefully crafted to work on tablets, phones and any possible screen dimension! In fact, we dedicated days in the design process solely to perfecting mobile views. Our designs are compatible with all major browsers and resolutions!

Why should I work with Portland Creative?

Senior web designer, Nicole East, has made websites since 2005 and made hundreds of websites for clients ranging from boutiques to artists. She takes pride in offering a design experience tailored to your needs, your business and your ideal client. With years of experience in owning her own boutiques, she has a unique understanding of the field. You will walk away feeling proud of your new online home.

You will be respected and appreciated for your business! As a client you join our professional family. One person will hear your ideas rather than have them passed down the "banana phone" of a team!

Let's work on the perfect project together!
Ready to work together?

It's time to elevate your business with a personal, purposeful & heartfelt design.

let's talk!

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